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NEXcell Battery Co.,Ltd. was founded by a US battery technical team and the company is established in 1994 right at the "Silicon Valley" of Taiwan.

Our company goal is to design and produce high performance rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries and Lithium Ion batteries to fulfill the green world's needs.

NEXcell was honored a " Leading Industry Award" & an "Innovative Product Award" in 1995 and 1997, respectively.

With a capital of USD 30M and 300 employees in total of 11,000 square meter facilities, NEXcell can annually produce more than 30 million batteries of various sizes. Our batteries can be applied in varous consumer and industrial applications such as digital camera, telecommunication, portable tools, notebook computer, electric bicycle, etc. NEXcell also work together with customers in joint development for customerized battery projects.


With a spirit of continuous innovation and quality assurance, NEXcell’s R&D team devotes to develop new batteries. The high power and large capacity batteries for the application of electrical bicycle and other industrial portable tools have been introduced into the market and the state of the art thin film battery and fuel cell will be availabie by the year of 2003. We have ISO 9002 certified for our quality assurance.


Focusing on critical factors of safety, economics, performance, and environment, NEXcell NiMH rechargeable battery is always the best choice for the portable green power of the cordless world. Our battery expertise with twenty years experience will contribute to your power’s needs. We believe NEXcell is the right choice of your battery partner.

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